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New Maxwell for formZ Early Build ( provides GPU rendering on OSX


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Hello Maxwell 4 Users,

New Maxwell plugins are available in the Next Limit Early Builds area!

This version of Maxwell provides a number of important fixes and support for GPU rendering on macOS.


Nvidia graphics cards with CUDA support are required for GPU rendering. Nvidia's Maxwell and Pascal architectures (CUDA Compute Capability 5.0 and up) are officially supported by Next Limit. Previous micro-architectures are not recommended and may exhibit irregularities.


macOS users must install the latest CUDA drivers before GPU rendering for the first time.


For more information, see Maxwell GPU FAQ.


-Update to Maxwell binaries
-Material hints are now updated to the most current version automatically. (Manual updating is still available; setting located in Extensions> Maxwell> System Settings. The material hint version for a given project can be changed at any time; setting located in Extensions> Maxwell> Project Settings.)
-Fixed Package for Renderfarm / Create MXS tool only functioning on first use



- OSX supported.
- Linux supported.
- Improved emitter sampling and triangle artifact solved.
- Fixed crash with emitters and instances with motion blur.
- Fixed Stack overflow on high-depth voxelizations.
- Fixed clipmaps issues.
- Improved BVH copy to GPU.
- Fixed memory crash with disabled BSDFs.
- Fixed crash when a coating is on a non active BSDF or when having a material with mixed active and non active BSDFs.
- Fixed Z channel through clipmaps. Normals channel has bad values in areas with no geometry.
- Fixed crash using default material in nogui mode.
- Fixed crash in scenes with no emitters (i.e. sky dome).

- Fixed MXI batch processing is exporting channels when user unchecks the option to export them (in some cases).
- Fixed RGB numeric values displayed under mouse pointer (bottom status bar) have not gamma applied for bit-depth 8 and 16.
- Fixed switching from GPU engine, channels does not work on RS1.
- Software opengl DLL added to Windows installers. needed in some cases for old GPUs or remote desktops to show viewport.
- Fixed HDR sky changed to physical sky if using ortho lens, and emitters not reflecting on other objects.

- Fixed Load of asset references for OSX

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Hi Petter,


The render engine (Production/Draft/GPU) is selected via the pulldown menu in Maxwell Display Options > Scene tab.


If you are asking about how to check whether the GPU engine is in use while Maxwell is rendering, check the "GPU" pulldown in the UI, or the Console.

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