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  1. palarsen


    Is there a known problem with Roundover? Does not have an effect on my quite simple model Using Mac and all newest versions
  2. palarsen

    macOS Mojave

    Runs perfect
  3. Always trace of geometry from Illustrator. Its faster than you think, and you control the geometry intelligence yourself. Export jpg from Illustrator. Billboard it in.
  4. Oh. And of course also while moving!
  5. When you draw a line, all sorts of helping guides are applied while drawing. You can for example continue to draw in the same direction if you place a point and want to continue in the same direction. Use the object doctor when finished to eliminate colinear segments (remove that extra point) So this is a workaround. Holding shift while snapping to a point could have the effect to create a temporary guide, just like the one you get if you actually click to draw the point. Helpful, speedy, and typical for cad drawing
  6. Guide lock works fine in principle. But it has an annoying bug: Holding the shift key will NOT lock to an ortogonal snap guide if there is some model geometry aligned and overlapping the guide. You'll have to zoom out and find a place in the window where the guide is not covered by an overlapping edge, and then lock to the guide, and then snap to the distant point, or whatever is the desired reference. I can find no reason for this behaviour. Locking to guide with shift should be strong. Not weak!
  7. palarsen

    V-Ray for form•Z Beta now available!

    Downloaded, installed, licensed. Not showing up in form•Z 8.6 Not visible in the Extension manager even after checkin paths Anybody?
  8. palarsen

    form•Z 8.5.7 Update Released

    "Show/Hide edges Layer override and Render as Shaded Surface now work as expected" Great, but override edge display (always off) still does not work
  9. Great! I can switch to GPU in fire. But how can I tell if it works in a full render? Perhaps a stupid question.. /Petter
  10. palarsen

    Spam emails

    Locate the spoofer somewhere in China, and tell her to authenticate the domain before sending...
  11. palarsen

    axis lock ?

    Agree! While we're at it. Why can't guide lock (holding down the shift key while on a guide) lock to the guide if a segment is also where the guide is? This is very common. Now we have to zoom out, find the guide where there are no objects - lock to the guide - and zoom back in to snap. Like I have said numerous times: Let guides rule! Dont let them be covered by aligned segments. There is no reason NOT to allow guide lock!!
  12. palarsen

    Maxwell V4 GPU rendering working?

    So will Maxwell 4 work on my Mac Pro Mid 2010 with my NVIDIA Quadro K5000?
  13. Put: sudo spctl --master-disablesudo spctl --master-disablesudo spctl --master-disablesudo spctl --master-disable into Terminal and gatekeeper is old-fashioned. Right click to open formZ
  14. palarsen

    Gras LOD

    Will there be a way to preview LOD for the grass modifier. LOD does not seem to work in fire? The LOD is applied to grass near the camera also /Petter
  15. It should be possible to scatter a landscape with two different types of trees. Only one of the two mxs scatter definitions show up in my test. If I turn of the one that works, the other appears. But disappears again if I turn the first one back on. This is on the newest betas /Petter