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  1. palarsen

    Big Sur

    Hope to see a fix soon Fire is completely broken in 9.1 on Big Sur
  2. palarsen

    Big Sur

    Fire does not update. Resizing the fire window makes fire update. Anyone else?
  3. palarsen

    New update 9.0.6

    Reshape primitive cube with F6 and arrows still fails. The corresponding text input field blinks for a brief second, then remains un-selected. Can't be typed into. Must move the mouse up and click te field. Please restore
  4. palarsen

    V9 update

    Sometimes A does not select all. Inconsistant yes
  5. palarsen

    V9 update

    Is it only me? I have two Macs having the same problem: Paste with "V" does not paste. Have to use the contextual menu..
  6. palarsen

    V9 update

    It used to be so great. You could just start dragging the arrows, and then type the correct dimension. If only the "parametrers" tab would be auto selected during arrow dragging it would be fantastic!!
  7. palarsen

    V9 update

    Note: Click the arrows, and start dragging - then start typing!
  8. palarsen

    V9 update

    Try this: Draw a primitive cube. Select it and invoke "Show Controls" Get the parameters tab open from the inspector. Try to resize numerically. I can't do it..
  9. palarsen

    Bergen, Norway

    There is a steel cylinder inside carrying the load. The sculptures are welded on to it and filled with concrete up to about one meter.
  10. palarsen

    Bergen, Norway

    Stainless polished. Welded from smal pieces.
  11. palarsen

    Bergen, Norway

    Modeled in form•Z, hammered and polished in China
  12. palarsen

    type input bug

    Is it my norwegian extended keyboard? Field heighlighting fails a lot
  13. palarsen

    type input bug

    Not click nor enter helps cube.mov
  14. palarsen

    type input bug

    Generate a cube. You can type length and with. But height is not highlight and can not be typed in. Have ro hit Tab 4 times to highlight the input field Mac OS 10.15.4
  15. palarsen

    Locking onto an axis issues

    This should work as follows: If I press and hold the shift key, and then move the cursor (holding an object point snapped to) over a guide, even if the guide is covered by other geometry, it should strong, immediately and undisputed lock to that guide. Until I let go of the shift key. This is not a priority question in my book. Always work! Now we have to move the object into space and find a naked guide to achieve a guide lock.