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  1. palarsen

    Select All Challenges

    Perhaps you had groups with objects on different layers?
  2. palarsen

    STEP Import not available!!!!

    Goes away with MacOS Catalina
  3. palarsen

    Import point clouds

    Did you try MeshLab?
  4. palarsen

    2 Path Sweep

    Two path sweep might be a little troublesome, but your shape is impossible anyway. You can't have such a smal radius on your outer path. Think twice about what you want here. Try making a muckup by lofting a nurbz
  5. palarsen

    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    How can I say this? form•Z is genuinely a part of my life! Thanks!
  6. palarsen

    Edit a components insertion point?

    Component manager: Edit component, or right click on it and "open component"
  7. palarsen

    Disable ALT scrolling through tools

    Preferences/Modeling "Use tap Keys" off What we need is more detail in this option. Perhaps a palette? I would like to turn tap keys of for Topological levels (very annoying) I like it for copy modes and perpendicular shifting, but I believe it would be better with customisable shortcuts in a palette. It should have been a tab in the Quick Keys palette!!
  8. reset workspace
  9. palarsen


    Is there a known problem with Roundover? Does not have an effect on my quite simple model Using Mac and all newest versions
  10. palarsen

    macOS Mojave

    Runs perfect
  11. Always trace of geometry from Illustrator. Its faster than you think, and you control the geometry intelligence yourself. Export jpg from Illustrator. Billboard it in.
  12. Oh. And of course also while moving!
  13. When you draw a line, all sorts of helping guides are applied while drawing. You can for example continue to draw in the same direction if you place a point and want to continue in the same direction. Use the object doctor when finished to eliminate colinear segments (remove that extra point) So this is a workaround. Holding shift while snapping to a point could have the effect to create a temporary guide, just like the one you get if you actually click to draw the point. Helpful, speedy, and typical for cad drawing
  14. Guide lock works fine in principle. But it has an annoying bug: Holding the shift key will NOT lock to an ortogonal snap guide if there is some model geometry aligned and overlapping the guide. You'll have to zoom out and find a place in the window where the guide is not covered by an overlapping edge, and then lock to the guide, and then snap to the distant point, or whatever is the desired reference. I can find no reason for this behaviour. Locking to guide with shift should be strong. Not weak!