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  1. palarsen

    Bergen, Norway

    Modeled in form•Z, hammered and polished in China
  2. palarsen

    Bergen, Norway

    There is a steel cylinder inside carrying the load. The sculptures are welded on to it and filled with concrete up to about one meter.
  3. palarsen

    Bergen, Norway

    Stainless polished. Welded from smal pieces.
  4. palarsen

    type input bug

    Generate a cube. You can type length and with. But height is not highlight and can not be typed in. Have ro hit Tab 4 times to highlight the input field Mac OS 10.15.4
  5. palarsen

    type input bug

    Is it my norwegian extended keyboard? Field heighlighting fails a lot
  6. palarsen

    type input bug

    Not click nor enter helps cube.mov
  7. palarsen

    Locking onto an axis issues

    This should work as follows: If I press and hold the shift key, and then move the cursor (holding an object point snapped to) over a guide, even if the guide is covered by other geometry, it should strong, immediately and undisputed lock to that guide. Until I let go of the shift key. This is not a priority question in my book. Always work! Now we have to move the object into space and find a naked guide to achieve a guide lock.
  8. palarsen

    Locking onto an axis issues

    "Give guides priority" option does not address the LOCK function that is missing.
  9. palarsen

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    Can't get this to work. What I want is to be able to lock to an ortho guide by pressing shift, while moving an object that overlaps another. "Guide lock" should not need to have priority over anything. It should always be possible. Still I need to move the object into the clear, then lock to the ortho guide, then move it back to were I need it. This is so fundamental!! Guide lock.mov
  10. palarsen

    File quicklook preview

    Mac OS: I miss the finder file preview. (or is it only my system?) What if we could get a 3D file preview like the stl files?
  11. palarsen

    Locking onto an axis issues

    +1 And I have mentioned this before. It should be fundamental that axis lock ability is stronger than any interference from objects overlapping
  12. palarsen

    Type input bug

    I enjoy a lot the intelligence of form•Z when it comes to being ready to accept typed numerical input. It also hurts when it fails. Make a cube, click to deactivate result buffer. Select it, and choose "show controls". Previously we could start dragging an arrow and thus selecting the correct input field in the inspector, and start typing. Please restore this function! Also I have noticed that tapping "tab" to circle through selectables, sometimes is confused and starts jumping from input field to input field. Makes no sense when trying to unghost
  13. palarsen

    Nvidia GPU on Mac

    So.. Can we use any eGPU on Catalina (MacPro late 2013) to use Maxwell GPU rendering?
  14. palarsen

    FormZ & Catalina

    LAB plugins are not recognised as developer, and won't load
  15. palarsen

    Select All Challenges

    Perhaps you had groups with objects on different layers?
  16. palarsen

    STEP Import not available!!!!

    Goes away with MacOS Catalina
  17. palarsen

    Import point clouds

    Did you try MeshLab?
  18. palarsen

    2 Path Sweep

    Two path sweep might be a little troublesome, but your shape is impossible anyway. You can't have such a smal radius on your outer path. Think twice about what you want here. Try making a muckup by lofting a nurbz
  19. palarsen

    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    How can I say this? form•Z is genuinely a part of my life! Thanks!
  20. palarsen

    Edit a components insertion point?

    Component manager: Edit component, or right click on it and "open component"
  21. palarsen

    Disable ALT scrolling through tools

    Preferences/Modeling "Use tap Keys" off What we need is more detail in this option. Perhaps a palette? I would like to turn tap keys of for Topological levels (very annoying) I like it for copy modes and perpendicular shifting, but I believe it would be better with customisable shortcuts in a palette. It should have been a tab in the Quick Keys palette!!
  22. palarsen


    Is there a known problem with Roundover? Does not have an effect on my quite simple model Using Mac and all newest versions
  23. palarsen

    macOS Mojave

    Runs perfect