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Workaround for Layout? ...anybody use it this way?

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How do you access frame parameters for an existing frame (retrospectively). I also could not find a tool or keyboard shortcut for frame parameters. Frame paramaters (wrongly spelt) dialogue appears automatically immediately after creating the frame but that seems to be the last opportunity to change settings for the frame.

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After you create a Frame you can right-click on it to bing up the context menu and access its parameters.  Thanks for letting us know about the typo, we will get this corrected  :)

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Thanks Tech,


I don't think this is mentioned in the manual but I've since noticed that it is shown about half way through Matt's 'Fast and flexible Layout in FormZ'

I tried Layout a few times in the past which weren't so successful for me but very happy to say I am finding it useful now, thank you.


There doesn't seem to be an option to duplicate sheet, could this be added please?

Although duplicate, copy and paste are in the local menu, it does not seem possible to use these actions between sheets.


However, I think I discovered a way: Select the frames you want to copy to another sheet, select the move tool with make copy active, click the position to start the copy from then switch to another sheet and the copy process can be continued into the new sheet. Cool.

You can virtually duplicate a sheet or as much of it as you want to by this simple procedure. I don't think that is in the manual either.

Duplicate sheet would be even quicker though when you want whole sheet duplicated.


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