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Found 1 result

  1. I asked myself if I could skip Layout but still working only with FormZ to produce 2D drawings. I know the connection between 3D and 2D will be lost, but I don't care. Mainly I've found many issues related to this connection and found no benefits compare to the fantastic easy to use 3D modeller. What I invest at the moment is this workaround: Working in 3D modeller only. - create your 3D model. - use 2D section in the modify palette to create the section you want. - copy this 2D section into a new 3D model. (this copy will be exact in place of your 3D original model, which is handy) - undo your section in the original 3D model, and save for reasons. - do all your 2D measurements, text, legenda, etc in the new 3D-2d model. Benefits new 3D-2d model for creating 2D output: - you can easily create a 3D-2d model template with override layer options (very handy for print out quality). One override layer option should be added: hatch. - the control in the 3D-2d model is far beter then in layout, my opinion. - keeping the geometrie as it was in the 3D original model, with shaded surfaces etc. Output 3D-2d model to a print. - if needed you can easily compose the drawing like you try to do in Layout. I found out staying in the 3D model is easier. - when finished just make a 300dpi pixel image of the drawing and it will keep it's beautiful texture. - or print to PDF. (oops, I found out printing didn't work in 3D model. a bug???) anyway... Anybody here working like this?