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Sub-D Modeling: Insert Sequence Snap

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Is there any way to employ snapping while using the context menu item Insert Sequence on a Sub-D model? 


My goal is to center a new sequence between two existing sequences.


Using the Offset Edge with Copy selected alters the placement of existing sequences so I have to center by eye.


Using Insert Sequence via the context menu on the control cage allows for no accuracy. Like throwing darts at a wall.


The only solution I see now is to use the Swap tool to go back to the original facetted state to insert accurate edges or take measurements. However, when using the Swap tool to toggle between Sub-D and the facetted state, any fine tuning to the sharpness of select faces or edges is lost.




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Hi Skip and Chris,


Thanks for your suggestions and reports, we will see if these features can be added for the future.  For now the solution is to use the Subdivision Swap command to restore the original cage, and use the regular modeling tools with that to achieve what you want.  Then you can Swap back the SubD object to get the desired results.  (Of course this is an extra step and doesn't allow you to dynamically see the results, so we will see what we can do for the future.)

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