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Noisy render at SL 15

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this render is real noisy even at SL of 15.


there is only sun coming through opening in the ceiling of this box. No glass in the openings.


the verticals are simple red glass from the wizard.


MXM's for floors wall and ceilings- all used before and not with any problem. thanks


I have Direct eand Indirect checked 'on' for Illumination, ref caustics and refracted Caustics.







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Hi Peter,


It is had to tell from viewing a finish rendering; we would need to examine the project to determine exactly what might causing noise that is difficult to clear.


However, a few thoughts:


1. Interior renders often need to go to SL 20 or so to clear most of the noise.

2. The issue is likely the transparent material. Try ghosting those red columns and see if that helps. What does it look like at SL 15 without the columns?

3. If it's the glass, try one of the other glass wizards. Also, make sure you are not using an over-saturated red. Make sure neither the R (likely),G, or B channel value exceeds 225 or so.

4. Use fill lights to clear interior noise faster.



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I`d suggest to place some internal light sources to boost rendering speed. Check this topic.

And yes: red glass is too saturated. It is not advised to use more intense colors than 224, 224, 224 as the are not real.

Also check if you are not making double transparency by using both glass settings and layer opacity.

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I jst re-opnened muy old post and amnow adding to it.


I am working with AHTOH's suggestions, as well as the Mawell Forum rendering tips, and I was wondering if there is a tool in Maxwell to tell if an object is intersecting with another object.


this in order to be sure my emitter objects are not touching something. My model is too complext to 'see it' and I am too tired to be trusted...



Also with the strategy of AHTOH using hidden emitter planes in windows, can I then just turn off the physical sky all together? (OI mean not use one and only use faster dIRECt LIGHTING from hidd

en emitters?


Or should I use a physical sky but (since I don't need sun rays coming in my interior) , just Turn off the sun in the physical sky before rendering.


Any Ideas? thanks!!




Nota: i need multi-light feature on.



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