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Control Multiple (Accurate) Lights


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I just got back into formZ (8 pro) after using 6 for many years.

I remember following the forums as 7 and 8 came out and learning the light groups no longer allowed overrides for accurate lights, is this still correct?


I have a file with several (identical) Custom Lights, using photometric properties. I would like to be able to change the color temp and lumins of them all, as a group, rather than one by one.

In there a way to do this with native FormZ? do I have to go to simple lights? should I create a component??


I believe our friends at python have a plugin, will it do what I need?





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AFAIK light groups only override the properties of the standard lights, not the Renderzone lights.  If you use those properties, you can control them all at once, but if you want the Accurate properties, you need to set them individually...

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