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FormZ 8.02 Imager


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Finally gave the imager another try after update.


1- Happy to see that it holds its Display Options & Image Options Changes project changes after closing.

2- The imager rendering time is faster then the application time.


3- Being that some ghosted components can become visible when a project is opened... they will appear in final Render Zone rendering.

4- It would also be nice as in fmz6 to have a progress bar and not a blank imager window during image generation.



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Bonzo65, the same reson the application code & look was completely rewritten from v6 to 8. Fmz6 had a decades+ of developement, updates/bug fixes to get where it is.

It may take time for the fmz team to work out all the issues & bugs to improve v8+. Just keep our bug reports coming and suggested improvements and as always we will all get there. As we all have experienced fmz tech support & response to suggestions is second to none and in my experience the best in the industry.

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