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Shades of Tantalus. As I move in close to an object the foreground area of it disappears, clipping off. Clip Hither/Yon is deselected in the view so I am curious what is causing this. I'm trying to move in very close to an object to try and track down some point problems but the object keeps disappearing as I get close to it.









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Hi Doug,


There is automatic clipping that you should not see -- but in this case I would guess it is not working properly.  We included a fix for this with formZ 8.0.1, so if you are running 8.0.0, see this thread to update:


form•Z 8.0.1 Update Now Available


If that does not solve it, you can likely work around it by enabling the Clip Higher / Yon from the view parameters, and set a very small Hither value.  Then, please send a portion of the file where it occurs so we can identify and fix whatever is causing that.

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