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  1. DMclean

    Gear Tool Max?

    I seem to be unable to create a gear with more than 100 teeth using the Gear Tool. No matter what Parameters I use it seems to max out at this. Is this normal behaviour for the tool? Douglas
  2. Thanks Dennis I’ll give that a try. I wound up going back and just doing it “old school” and resizing my original in photoshop after doing a bit if math.. dreary, but it worked. The decal idea sounds like it will give the kind of adjustability and versatility I was hoping for. Never really use decals much so it will be a good test. Thanks for the approach. Doug
  3. Does anyone know if there is a way to map the Texture Map size, and the Transparency Map size independently on the same material? I want to use the same color map for two objects, but want to apply a transparency map to one of them and be able to scale the transparency without affecting the size of the color... Is it possible? Thanks, Douglas
  4. DMclean

    Palette Problem

    Running formZ 9.1.0 on a Mac OSX 10.15.7... Whenever I open a new palette, it is replacing the last palette I was using rather than opening a new one... Anyone experienced this or have a solution? Thanks, Douglas
  5. DMclean

    .fza file?

    They are the autosave files which happen if you have formZ set to Save after every x minutes or x operations. Enabling or disabling is in the Preferences Menu. You can change how often they are created and where you want them stored. I personally like to store them in their own directory and then delete Tham when there start to be a lot of them. You don't need to keep them, or even to create them but they are handy if you do something that screws up the file you are working on because then you you only lose things back to your last autosave. They can also be handy if you want to go back to the way you had the model a few hours or days ago. Autosaving can become a bit of a nuisance when you're working on a VERY large file because when the autosave happens it affects system performance, but on the whole I find them useful, for that one time when things get totally messed up. I save them to a SSD drive, so that minimizes the time the autosave takes. Often I'll delete them all after I've finished a work session, or finish the project. Hope that helps. Douglas
  6. DMclean

    Very Long Extensions List

    Thanks, That seemed to do the trick.
  7. Just did a clean install of Catalina and then Re-installed my formZ 9 (VRay). For some reason I have a VERY long list of things listed in the Extensions Menu (see attached). Anyone have this happen or know of a way to organize it? Thanks, Douglas
  8. DMclean

    Lost VRAY...

    Managed to get it solved. Thanks, Douglas
  9. DMclean

    Lost VRAY...

    ☹️...I just recently did a clean install of Catalina on my old MacPro and am in the process of re-installing all my software. FormZ 9 was easy enough to download and re-register, but I am uncertain as to how I can re-download and re-register the VRay plug-in. If I go to the Chaos site and look at my account the licence is there, but they don’t seem to have any way to download the software.Do I just need to download the 30 day Trial Version from ADS and install that, and will there then be an option to register or authenticate the software at that point.It’s been a while since I originally went through the process.Many thanks,Douglas McLeanDMC Design
  10. DMclean

    Polymesh Problem...

    Another example of my Polymesh Conundrum... Box, 2 edges smooth circular bevel. Polymesh with Normal Angle Tolerance set to 32...
  11. DMclean

    Polymesh Problem...

    Hi Chris, This allcame about because I had a model that I made a year ago which I rendered and used just within formZ, so I just used the smooth model, and that was fine. Decided that I wanted to re-work it and render it in Marmoset Toolbag, so because I needed to UV it, bake normal maps etc, I wanted a polygonal model to work with so I could get a hi-res and lo-res version fairly easily, cut the lo-res for UV’s-ing etc... rather than rebuild from scratch I thought it would be interesting to try to convert the original to poly, which led me to the problem. in fact if I had been thinking about this when I built the original model I probably would have done the reverse, building a low poly first and then sub-div for more resolution. The example I showed is a slightly dumbed down version, but revealed the problem so I could try and show several iterations where it did and didn’t occur. I have managed to get it working for this case by choosing resolutions that did work, though I would have liked to have had more choices at my disposal. thanks for confirming that the problem exists on other systems, and it wasn’t just me and mine. All the best, Douglas www.rainbeau.net
  12. DMclean

    Polymesh Problem...

    Chris, Thanks for your tries. Spurred me to check a few other things and... I took the 6 sided values (90 degrees) and halve it to 45 deg which produces a 12 sided object with no problems...but if I drop the value to 22.5 deg to produce a 24 sided object the problem comes back... The desire to produce specific numbers of sides comes from the fact that once I get back to maya I want to work out nice quad shapes with some intersecting object holes so that when the whole thing is subdivided i get nice neat shapes that nest together, and I needed a number of sides that would be divisible by three... so I may just wind up going with the 12 sided...but it seemed to me that the tool should be ale to generate whatever number of sides I wanted and keep seams neatly aligned with nice planar faces, which it does... just not all the time.. Curiouser and curiouser... Thanks, Douglas
  13. DMclean

    Polymesh Problem...

    Have tried joint values, but still get the problem until the object has the even number of faces when it goes polygonal...
  14. DMclean

    Polymesh Problem...

    Cylinder... bevel top face... extrude Top Centre face... duplicate object... rotate 180... Boolean add...
  15. DMclean

    Polymesh Problem...

    Hello all, I've got a model that has parts that were made as smooth objects, and I now want to "degrade" said objects to poly meshes for exporting and reworking in Maya. I ran into some weirdness with the way the meshes were coming out so decided to investigate with some slightly simpler shapes and came up with the following... Note what happens with all the versions where I wanted odd numbers to the facets in the circle. The facets created on the sloped faces are split between the lines of the vertical faces. Any thoughts on why this is happening or whether there is a way to work around it? Thanks in advance, Douglas