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Tool Manager on FZ 9 issue


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On FormZ V8 to Manage your Tool bar all you have to do open Tool Manager then add or delete tools,

But on V9 I open Tool Manager when I drag tools to Tool Bar it wouldn't stay there or create pallet also the tool icon is in gray mood but deleting tools off the Tool Bar, no problem.

when I click on "New Tool Dock Pallet" I get a Dock middle of work screen I can add tools to it but it wouldn't attach to Tool Bar, when close app I have to reset it again. 

I looked up all the tutorial on FormZ site and can't find any instruction how to do that or where the problem is.

Is there additional step I need to take for adding new tools to Tool Bar, to stay?

Thank you 



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If you click on "New Workspace" from the Workspace menu it allows you to create a personal workspace. You can't edit workspaces which are locked (see Workspace Manager).

Also, hold the shift key when selecting from the menu will bring up the FormZ manual and direct you to the relative help info.


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