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  1. Usually with in a project when I select a material from Maxwell library(referenced mxm) to up load, I will get a preview of the material before selecting it, that helps to tell what it is. But there are times instead of material preview I will get Maxwell’s logo that makes it hard to let what the material looks like even though after it opens in Formz material palettes it is visible. Can any one tell me this is a common thing and is there a fix for it. Last time it happened it eventually went away, I don’t know how but now is back again. I even reboot the computer several times, still not working.
  2. Older operating system was the problem. As soon as I upgraded to MacOS 10.12.4 I am able to see Image of materials in preview Maxwell material window instead of just Maxwell logo.
  3. nadir

    Tied curve and

    Thank you for your suggestion but they didn't help. is not perfect but I reduced the radius on profile then make it with 3/16 radius all the way around. Thanks NAidr
  4. nadir

    Tied curve and

    I have this tied curve object that I would like to make 3/8 continues radius corner to match with the rest of it. What is the best trick for this operation? I tried both Smooth and Facetted and is not working. Thanks Nadir
  5. ok, I think I found out what is going on, that is the plugin file for FormZ3.2.1.7. I did downloaded and replace it in FormZ 8.5 application folder.
  6. I guess I am confused, What is (Maxwell for FormZ public release)? I thought latest version for FormZ was 8.5 and is for Maxwell. I was following this link Maxwell Render customer portal then went to (my downloads) to located it, I wasn't sure where else to look for it. Thanks
  7. I have Maxwell / FormZ 8.5 on my Mac. When I follow the links to download update( I end up where older vision of Maxwell is. How can I get the update downloads. Thanks Nadir
  8. I should be able to select Maxwell Sea tool in formZ and site it to stormy wave and get big waves, but all I get "in Fire" is a flat surface. What am I missing? I know I done it before and it worked well. Also I watched what ever tutorial is about Maxwell Sea. Thanks Nadir
  9. nadir

    Sea looks flat in Maxwell

    Sorry it took long, link blow should work. Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/s/fp78f1sx2hyxk6t/art%20work.fmz?dl=0
  10. nadir

    Sea looks flat in Maxwell

    I tried to work on it more and see if i can find the problem but with no success, I hope the Zip file I send could tell where I am going wrong
  11. nadir

    Sea looks flat in Maxwell

    Yes I have, and checked all preference for Sea. that's my surprise it work in my last project but now some thing changed. Also I move around the options to see any changes, nothing. I wonder if it's a software glitch? Thanks
  12. nadir

    300 dpi resolution.

    The setting you mentioned is for FormZ, Right? I know that part. That means if I set 300 dpi in FromZ then what ever I render in Maxwell plug in it should be good for print! Thanks
  13. I am trying to create an image with 300 resolutions for print in Maxwell. When I use RenderZon I could set Image option to 300 dpi and I get good prints. When I use Maxwell default setting I get 75 dpi. How do I set Maxwell for high-resolution print? FormZ 8.5 / Maxwell v3 / Mac base. Thanks Nadir
  14. I have few Alpha material that works great when I render in Renderzone, all black area turns transparent, but when i render them in Maxwell transparent sections look opaque. What setting am I missing?
  15. I think I found where the problem is. I am new to Formz 8 and Maxwell at same time but till now all of my renderings were done in Formz7. When i open them in Z8 with few relinking it came out ok in RenderZone with few material adjustment I got Maxwell working also, except the Alpha materials. by deleting and reloading the same Alpha Channel Material in a new material " with out doing anything to it" working fine. thanks fro you respond nadir
  16. I am planning to purchase a new Mac Pro“ thanks to FZ8.5”. But I would like to know if anybody out there could help me decide to choose between paying extra for graphic card GPU or processor CPU? because I have option of upgrading one of them from what they are offering off shelf, which comes with. Processor ”3.5GHz-6-core with 12MB of L3 cache” upgrade to “3.0GHz 8-core with 25MB of L3 cache” Graphic card ”Dual AMD FirePro D500 GPUs with 3GB of GddR5 VRAM each” upgrade to “Dual AMD FirePro D700 GPUs with 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM each” My main work is architectural rendering so I need faster rendering time between revisions and still look sharp before final high resolution burning. Thanks
  17. nadir

    GPU vs CPU makes rendering faster?

    Again thank you for your suggestions, they were informative. This discussion made me dig deeper into what Apple’s future plan is for MacPro and it looks bleak but their consumer section is very bright, at least I couldn’t find something to fit my work and budget on their new line of computers. I use too to go to their website and there were so many options to choose from among MacPros now that section is so small that it took me a while to find it. I started with Mac and will stay with it as long as I can, I like their format. If I have too chose between PC and Breaking Bad “Hackintoshing” I will pick Hackintosh. I think I fund what I will be getting Mac Pro 3.33GHz , !2-core Intel Xeon processor( I can get faster one with more money) MC561LL/A(2010-12) 32GB. 1.0TB OWC Electra 6G SSD ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphics processor $3000. Wish me luck.
  18. nadir

    GPU vs CPU makes rendering faster?

    Who needs Real friend when there are so many wonderful Virtual friends who are welling to share their knowledge Thank you, Glad posted this, these are all great information I been looking into each one including our Russian friend. This made me think again as far how to save some money at the same time get something that fits me. My plan is to use my exciting MacPro5,1 2010 as my everything use and what ever new one will be just for modeling also all my programs are Mac based. Too bad I can’t just add more 4 more Cores to what I have. A modeler friend once said’ you don’t need super fast computer to be fast just learn your program well, that help you to be faster”. But from what I am reading about Apple product’s limits and it is starting to hurt bottom line, it is time to go Window Shopping “ going PC”. Thanks