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stretching a texture map


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the documentation for getting a google earth image on to a geometry seems to be outdated or is unclear as I can not find the "Edit Texture" tool that lets me stretch the image across the entire geometry face.


Here is what is written



I don't get this part:


"Get the Edit Texture tool (from the Attributes suite of tools), click on the rectangle, uncheck the Lock Size option, move the corner of the texture map to the bottom left corner of the rectangle, and move the diagonal arrow to the upper right corner of the rectangle."



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Hi Hirscr,


Ah, you are referring to formZ Jr.  (If possible, please note that in your post so we can give better answers.)  Yes, there was a reorganization of the tool palette for formZ Jr to make it more in line with the formZ Pro version, so yes, we do need to update some of the videos to reflect this.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention.   ;)


There is a new feature that is added between bonzai3d and formZ Jr -- if you press the space bar, a heads up display will appear, and then if you press the first letter of any tool, all tools with that name will appear.  You can either keep typing the name of the desired tool to select it, or you can just click on the tool you want, and it will both become active, and show its location in the tool palette.

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