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  1. Just to clean this thread up. OK, so its confirmed. This isn't a parametric modeler (I could have sworn it said it was somewhere). I don't have a problem moving a hole. The problem is that if a build a model with a hole 5" from an edge and I move the edge, then I would want the hole to move with it. This is how solid works and other engineering CAD software works and I am quite used to that and it make a lot of things easier. I am just going to have to get used to this design methodology.
  2. Hi guys, I got FormZ for some architectural type and land use work I am doing. It seems to be a good fit for that. However, I was hoping to also use it for engineering and part design work. I'm not having a great time with this. Example: I want to locate holes relative to other features, not absolute coordinates. While its very possible I am stuck in a solid works paradigm for part design, I am having great difficulty getting this to work with formz Basically I am trying to make a panel that has many holes in it of different sizes. Some of the holes are located with absolute coordinates, but some of them are, for example, three holes located around a center hole. Or four holes in a, 2x2 grid. I feel that once I commit a copy/move type operation, its committed. Moving the holes after that is a complex procedure and error prone because the objects are saved, not the operations. Hence why I don't think this is truly a parametric modeler. Am I missing something? Or is this really not well adapted for engineering work?
  3. hirscr

    Meshing a face

    ohhhhhhh.... continue holding command while I drag the material! Thanks.
  4. hirscr

    Meshing a face

    Still doesn't seem to work. Can you see anything I was doing wrong? here is a link to a movie following your directions https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmmvk5ll0fu5z7o/Map%20text%20to%20face%20still%20doesnt%20work.mov?dl=0
  5. hirscr

    Meshing a face

    huh. Now I see that its probably not a problem with the mesh tool, but in selection. I trying to use the reshape too and I can't select a face. edit: I had 2 click selection enabled. That fixed the reshape tool. But not the mesh tool. It still behaves like in the video.
  6. hirscr

    Meshing a face

    Im well aware I'm probably being incredibly dense. However, https://www.dropbox.com/s/eeh058eghmh0361/map%20texture%20to%20face%20fail.mov?dl=0 that is a video of me failing to map a texture on to a face of an easy object. Ive done this before a number of times and Im unsure of why I can't do it now. I'm using 8.01 formz, with the latest update. Im on a brand new 27" iMac.
  7. Yes this worked. but its non-intuitive. Why have the material selection available in the selection attributes?
  8. I have brick shown here, but all the materials seem to do this. It works on some faces but not others. Not sure what im doing wrong here, or why anyone would want what it is doing. I have tried closing and opening Formz to see if the problem went away. It doesn't. I tried other materials, they all do this.
  9. hirscr

    modify imported STLs?

    Thanks I will try to work with different STL files. I was just unsure if it was possible at all.
  10. if i import an STL, can I add geometry to it? Can I cut into the STL geometry? Im getting wonky behavior when I add geometry to an STL. I can select STL surfaces, I can add a big cube to it, but when I want to do more, it seems that I lose the ability to elect surfaces, or if I can, drawing simple boxes gets all jittery and unable to make what I want. I have a file with an imported STL and a cube on it. i am unable to cut the STL geometry. I am also unable to draw sketches on the vertical sides of the cube, or if I can get a rectangle on there, its not the rectangle im trying to draw. I can't upload file. Its 2.7Mb
  11. hirscr

    Component handling seems wonky

    Attached is a picture of the permissions of the folder I am using. Im clearly logged in as the one who has read and write permissions.
  12. hirscr

    Component handling seems wonky

    No, thats pretty much the procedure I was following
  13. I had made a union of the geometry before I meshed the image on there. Does meshing the image work if the geometries are not union? I could then move the spheres around to match as needed.
  14. Yes, but it flipped the image when I did that and now it doesn't match the geometry. I don't see a way to change the orientation of the image.