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Hi , Ok i found the tool but i still can not make the topography. Can someone maybe help me please?

i attached the file here.

what i need is to create the road as per the existing topo lines as per the existing heights they have, with a thickness of 100cm, so i can then later cut it out from the topo model i have.

Thanks alot !!!


3D ROADS 001.fmz

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I do this a lot!  Unfortunately, I've never gotten that tool to fix anything.  Here's what I do:

Once you have the contours and outline of the area you're trying to generate use the Terrain tool.  The splines that don't work should be highlighted.  Isolate those splines so it's easier to work with.  The first thing I do is make sure each spline is continuous and crosses the shape boundary.  A lot of imported DWG's have split splines that I go through and connect with the Edit/Join tool.  A good rule of thumb is if there are 2 splines that don't work that are next to each other there's a good chance they are overlapping.  Check for that.  If it's not a broken spline or overlapping an adjacent spine check to see if it's overlapping itself.

You're file's problem has to do with the topo lines not overlapping the shape object (blue).  Run those splines out past 100cm or more just to make sure.  This might have to do with the curve resolution but it's easier to just run it past and you avoid the issue.  


One more comment.  I don't usualy make terrain's like you're doing.  I make a bigger one and cut it apart.  Depends on the topography you have to work with.  Good luck!



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