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Looking for a user here with a powerful Twinmotion machine


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Hi all, as the title says, I'm looking for someone here who has a powerful computer (massive graphics card) running Twinmotion 2021.1.4

I have created an animation from a large project on an iMac with only 4GB video ram but it could be a lot better on a machine with a much better graphics card. It lacks good definition.

I'm willing to pay for your time. DM or email me (des at objectpreviews dot com) if you think you'd be able to help.

I can use the "resource collector" to make sure all the assets are there.



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I don't have a great machine (2012 MacPro running Windows 10 boot - Mac Os removed now sadly)

The graphics card is a 12Gb GTX Titan (Maxwell so no RTX) - memory wise it may cope with bigger scenes and more textures than a 4Gb card.

I have the current version of Twinmotion installed and FormZ 9.2.

Happy to help if this is enough to work with.

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Thanks for that Brian although I haven't had any time to play with TM for a while.

I think I have to try to improve my TM materials skills before going down that route so I will probably need to get a high end graphics machine just to be able to see how materials look in Ultra setting.




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