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Group Transform Controller


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FormZ 8... Mac OS X Yosemite... but I did have this problem in Mavericks...Created a group. Hit transform and moved the group. Did a few other things in the model. Came back and clicked on the group to transform it again. The controller (and the Axes of the group) were positioned back where the group was originally created, not entered on the group. In addition, if I choose the Axis tool, the option to reposition it to the centre of gravity , etc is not available.


Ungrouping the objects and then regrouping them centres the axes and the controller again. But once transformed, when I deselect the group and reselect it to transform it again, the controller is now where the group was created the second time. Every time I want to transform the group I have to ungroup and regroup it to get the controller centred on the group again. Rather tedious to say the least.


I recall a similar problem I had a while back with components when I created copies by moving them with the transform tool, but I haven't been using them much lately.


Anyone else observe this behaviour?






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