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Android Mobile VIewer


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Yes, an Android viewer would come in handy! Looks like the 21H2 update will in fact be Windows 11. I wonder why Microsoft felt the need to move on from 10? There was talk at one stage  that it would be the final version ever, supported by regular updates instead. Is there anything radically new about 11?

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Hi Santa,

Well like anything else, you've occasionally got to come up with a new brand image to keep selling products.  I'm sure that PC makers put pressure on MS to rebrand Windows so they could sell more computers.

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Agreed Anwar, as long as it doesn't result in non-functional third party software or drivers, like in the past. To be honest,  I am cautiously looking forward to it, and hope that the base code gets some attention (a much needed rewrite).....it must be a complete mish-mash after all the upgrades over the years!

I read yesterday, that Microsoft has finally joined Apple in the "Trillion $ Club". Fingers crossed for an Android viewer, but I am not holding my breath! Over to you ADS!

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