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FormZ 8.02 running very lag on MacOS 10.13


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I have not use my Form z 8.02 for quite sometime. Lately I need to open an old Form Z 7 project file so I start using the software. But the software is running at unbearable slow speed. example, if I need to create a new material also cannot get the new material when I right click at the material palette. Try to use the color picker to drop a color also sometime work sometime doesn't. What have go wrong?

I am running FormZ 8.02 in an iMac with Macos 10.13.

Edit: I just download and install FormZ 9 Trial to verify. FormZ 9 work flawlessly. The I go back to my open Form Z 8.02 again, strangely now Form Z 8.02 is back to normal. 

Thank you for any help.



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Hi Burney, you could try the following to see if it helps.

Turn off certain snaps, especially these; Snap to perpendicular, Snap to Intersection, Snap to Tangent.

Turn Specular Factor to zero in shaded for all your materials.

In the Display Options, turn off "Show line styles & weights", turn off "show Hatches" and reduce Image textures to say 512 pixels or lower.

When you open the V7 file, save as V8, reopen in V8 and copy and paste wanted info into a new file, see if that helps.

Smarttec is correct that the technology has moved on but you should still be able to operate at a reasonable speed.




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