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  1. Thank you for the reply.
  2. Hi, I have not use my Form z 8.02 for quite sometime. Lately I need to open an old Form Z 7 project file so I start using the software. But the software is running at unbearable slow speed. example, if I need to create a new material also cannot get the new material when I right click at the material palette. Try to use the color picker to drop a color also sometime work sometime doesn't. What have go wrong? I am running FormZ 8.02 in an iMac with Macos 10.13. Edit: I just download and install FormZ 9 Trial to verify. FormZ 9 work flawlessly. The I go back to my open Form Z 8.02 again, strangely now Form Z 8.02 is back to normal. Thank you for any help. Regards, Burney
  3. Form Z able to scale individual object. Sketch Up scale all the models in a drawing to the designated scale at once.
  4. Hi Tech, Attached is a file created using SketchUp Pro 8 (2.9Mb) a few years back. When I create a new document and import, the dialog came out but after that nothing happen. If I use SketchUp Pro 2015 to save again then import to Form Z 8. every thing came in intact. Please take a look and let me know what has went wrong. Thank You. Regards, Burney Layout11-3D (Model3-1).skp.zip
  5. I have tried to import file prior to SketchUp 2015 but nothing came in but if I use SketchUp 2015 to open earlier version and save as SketchUp 2015 they all worked. Look like for now this plug in will only import SketchUp2015 file and not earlier version. Burney
  6. Finally I am able to import My Sketch Up Files into EIAS via Form Z. I would like to highlight to existing sketchUp user that the skp plug in does import the layer's colours as materials but by default it is turn off. You need to turn them on one by one on via the materials check box by double clicking the layer name to display the colours if you use layer's colours as master materials for colours visualisation purposes in Sketch Up. I hope form Z can include a check box to enable the display of layer's colours materials at the import dialog box to save us time turning on one by one. Thank You Very Much FormZ Burney