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strange bugs. Working remotely to my desktop at work.

1) some times when i minimize and maximize window throughout the day. I find that some of my menus end up trapped in this upper bar. I have to Reset workspace to get back (as per image below)

2) Some times I find after I return from an extended break say overnight and I've left form Z on I find that all my active windows are gone. The only way to get it back is to save the file (as it is still active although not visible) and then close and reopen the file.

Just venting - and reporting.


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Yes, I experience the same things from time to time.  Not a reproducible bug unfortunately.  The other thing I find strange is that Form.z will suddenly freeze in a weird way.  The screen locks and I can't change views or switch tools.  Saving the file makes everything suddenly start working again.  Weird but livable.  Actually forces me to save more often.  Anyone else experience this behaviour?

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