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Guide lines Z parameter


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Do anyone knows how do i manually set the x,y and especially the Z parameter of a Guide line? when i pick and object i see its parameters in the inspector info pallet, but when i pick a guide line i do not see any info. and having the guidelines behavior being odd as it is, it is very hard to move pick and move them one by one. isnt there a way to set the z to 10 for example and they all go down to z=10 ?




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Hi Ariel,

I think you may just need to setup your grid and use your snaps appropriately.  Do you have your grid setup on a 1ft increment or maybe 1m (not sure where you are from)?  Once you have your grid setup at the increments you want to use regularly, Go to your front view (ctrl -)  then turn on your grid snap to an appropriate interval as well.  Now hit your guide tool and you should be able to snap two points easily in a straight line.  Guide not where you want it?  Select the guide and Move (M)  it any distance you want or type in, say 10?   Use your grid as a reference in the front view and its super easy to line up.  

Were you trying to do it all in the perspective view?

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