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Please, please...FIX THIS!!


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Currently with a lot of tools (especially the PICK tool), the X-input filed in the INPUT panel is activated, which results in all the shortcuts where a digit is present, do NOT work. This of course also results in the default shortcuts that use a digit, do NOT work. So if it doesn't make sense to have the INPUT fields activated, put the focus out of there so all these shortcuts CAN work!



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I am having a real problem with my keyboard shortcuts.  If I understand you correctly your shortcuts, including defaults, don't work because the x-input is activated.  I am not sure what that means exactly.  However, every time I use a tool to create something my default keyboard shortcuts stop working.  I need to click inside my Tool Options palette to get them to work again.  Each and every time.  This gets real old in a hurry.  Is this what you are referring to?  If so Tech has said that no one but me is experiencing this.  Version 9.0.6 Windows 10

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