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Displacement Dialogue Box


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I've been using the Displacement mapping function a lot these days and have been thinking about a few things.


When I invoke the dialogue box and go to change one of the values, if I click in the Value box, which then highlights the value and then move the pointer away from the box before, or while changing the value, the box reverts to the previous value. I haven't clicked away from the box, just moved the pen and the pointer has therefore gone outside the box. In most other dialogue boxes, this doesn't happen


Also, it would be nice if when the dialogue box opened it took for it's default values the position, type of mapping, and scaling of the texture which is already mapped on the object, or at least have an option to use those same values. It would also be a dream if one of the options was to displace using whatever is mapped on a surface in and out from the surfaces normal rather than just Flat, Spherical, or Cylindrical. Sort of like Displacement in textures in Maxwell work, only able to bake into real geometry as it were.


Just thoughts.





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