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Am considering a Project Manager,  Something like a template manager (having more than one template file to choose from)  however, where it would deal with a whole project outside of fZ as well.   That is, you could have template folder/directories  where it would copy the whole structure, and files, Name the directories and at least the project files (not assets).  Would also give it the ability to create files and directory structures from scratch, albeit, not as sophisticated as one could do if preconfigured templates.

You would be able to choose from a List of the templates that "you" have created.  The scratch build option behavior could  be somewhat modifiable via a text-pref file too.

With at least a conceptual understanding that Not all features are currently available in fZ...   Would this interest you?  What features do you want or need?   Biggest limiting factor at this point is: for the time being it will have to be a utility script.  As far as I can tell, there is no way to make it another type for now.

ill definitely be building this for myself: as a freelancer, my project types can vary quite a bit. From the template project file to how I like to organize the project files. 

Would be fairly down and dirty to start.  I do like things to be polished, however functionality is king.




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Yes, and for complex file structures, You can set up templates for those, and the manager will duplicate, and place in your chosen location.

Please, list your parameters!   This is probably going to be a project that will change over time as the API gets more powerful...  But I do think I can make it useful from the get go. Your ideas will help me plan it out and make a better solution for all of us!


Thank you!  and any one else who wants to contribute ideas!




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