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Auto-Cleanup of 2D Lines with Wall Option


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I've not used FormZ Drafting much in the past as I would generally export 3D models into other software programs.  

Now, after seriously examining the Edit commands available for segments and entities drawn using the Draw 1 pop-out and the 2D Wall command of the Derive pop-out, it's a little disappointing that these tools (ie. Break, Break with Line, Close, Trim, Extend, Extend To, Connect Ends, Connect Lines/Wires, Join, Fit Fillet/Bevel, Remove Point, Insert Point, Insert Segment, Draw Tangent, Draw Perpendicular) ONLY APPLY to segments and not 2D Walls.    

I believe it would be a huge improvement to LAYOUT if 2D Walls could be edited similar to a program like ACAD. 

Example:  The Extend to command would be great if it could extend 2D walls and automatically healed or cleaned up

                   The Join or Trim commands would be great if 2D walls could be joined to their ends and automatically cleaned up (healed).

I understand one can use Offset Outline and Offset Segment from the Derive pop-out and individually clean up walls with some effort but wouldn't it be nice to limit that tedium?

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Oh yes
This feature has always been missing
I haven't tested in Z9 yet (it comes)
In Z6 we can perform an open trim on the segments of a closed polyline produced by drawing a polyline with the 2D enclosure modifier and then do a booleen ...
It would be great if we could do this in two clicks ...

But for that it is necessary that the 2D enclosure is well recorded as such ... (In Z6 to draw an enclosure produces a simple polyline ...
I will watch carefully on Z9

Excellent suggestion !!

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