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Night/Day modes


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Hi there,

I am starting to explore the vray plug in which seems extremely nice. 

I cant seem to grasp the whole "Sun" situation. i want to create same view in the morning, afternoon and night, and cant figure it out. are there any pre setups scenes or suns or anything?

Can someone assist with that please ?

Thanks alot


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As with most advanced renderers, there are many options in V-Ray for formZ to do what you are looking for.  You'll want to checkout some of the lighting tutorials for VRay for SketchUp 3.6, as the interface is the most similar to VRay for formZ.  Ultimately, It's up to you to decide what method works best for your scene.  For starters, I'd recommend creating a seperate formZ file for each of your different scenes, that way as you adjust the lights, it will inevitably make other changes necessary (textures and lights) that may conflict with the other scenes. 

Exterior Sun lit scenes are possibly the easiest to setup.  You can simply open the VRay Settings palette and click Reset and select Architectural Design.  That will place the default VRay sun in your scene and adjust the settings for a baseline.  You can manually turn on the Sun visibility in the Lights palette and adjust it's angle, or you can accurately set it using the Sun Position palette.  Then you can adjust the VRay Environment Sky in the VRay Settings > Environment > Sky settings.  More information about those are available in the documentation, but while we wait for updated Vray for formZ documentation, you can use the SketchUp here - https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAYSKETCHUP/V-Ray+Sun+and+V-Ray+Sky+|+SunLight

You can also use a really large HDRI image as a VRay Dome light to accurately provide GI.  These can be tricky to get right, but once you do, it's easy to reuse your work on other projects.

Night scenes can be much tougher, and without seeing your scene, it's hard to recommend a direction.  I personally use a weak Dome light, plus IES lights, sphere lights, and mesh lights to illuminate a dark night scene.  

Good luck with your searching and learning.  That's one great thing about VRay being so popular.  There are tons of tutorials online on how to do a variety of things.  As mentioned before, our VRay interface is most similar to SketchUp, so I find those tutorials the easiest to follow.  Our VRay for formZ plugin is currently v3.6, not yet NEXT, so you'll want to look out for that as well when watching tutorials, as some features have changed.  


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Glad it's helping.

I just remembered that there are also some Quick Start Guides available to walk you through VRay.  I found them invaluable when first learning VRay and still reference them today.  Again, these are for SketchUp, but you can download and import the project files into formZ without issue.


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