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Mesh Light Question


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Wondering whether I am just missing something about the creation of mesh lights? When I make an object and then create a mesh light from it the object becomes a wireframe and a sort of locator or indicator that it is a mesh light is created some distance away. It seems to me that if I want to create a light bulb object and turn it into a mesh light then the "locator{ and hence the controller_when I go to do a transform) should be in the same place as the object itself, but it never seems to be. The light is emitted from where the object is, not from this "locator" artifact. Am I just missing something?








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I always wanted to ask that question as well.  The weird point in space away from the mesh always throws me off when I select the mesh and then want to switch to another view to move it somewhere.  The screen centers to that point first rather than the object.  As for the controller I just rarely use it for transformations.  For what its worth I create light bulbs by giving them an emissive material.  Then I create either point or cone lights for the power which don't have those weird points out in space.  I still find that emissive materials in Vray just don't work as well as they did in Maxwell.   But again, there is always a work around.  Which is something I have gotten used to saying a lot over the years. 

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