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Render blade. Would it work for Vray rendering?


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Question for anyone who knows:

I found this render blade and wondered if it could be used for Vray for FormZ. This unit is actually suggested for Maxwell, and I found it from a link in Maxwell's render farm options. 

Since Vray for formZ works within formZ, I wonder if a machine like this could be used to render in Vray. More specifically, this render blade shows no graphic card, which to me, means that you cannot really open the model on that machine, and then send a command to render.

Has anyone tried something like this before to use with Vray for formZ? I'd appreciate some insight.



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These "headless" machines are designed to run V-Ray in standalone mode or as part of the V-Ray distributed rendering. It is not clear if they provide some management tools for making this process easy to configure.

V-Ray CPU rendering is still quite good and will scale well on the Xeon architecture, however the rendering world continues to improve in the area of GPU performance (both hardware and software) so a solution not designed for GPU's may not be a good long term solution. 


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