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Formz to flat layout drawings

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Hi all,

Does anyone have a work flow for getting parts designed in formz out as a flat drawing? I currently lay the parts down flat on the X Y plane and then open  thefile in a top view in layout. My issue that there are always errors:



It seems that any form of export from Formz has bunch of issues but this is just into Layout?

I'm basically having to redraw all the parts in other apps! I'm i missing something? This is pretty run of the  mill flat panel work it should be a piece of cake.

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I use to output my designs to a laser cutter. I transformed all my components to the same plane and then turned them into 2D profiles with the 'Derive Faces' tool and then used the 'Projection' tool to 'flatten' them. I exported to DWG and imported into CorelDraw to output to my laser.




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