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  1. Does anyone know how to do this? I want to roll back to an earlier version (windows) has given me a weird slow down and a host of other quirks. Using the formz uninstall leaves files all over the place! I just don't fancy a full format and start again. Cheers
  2. Hi All, Am i missing something or is this impossible?
  3. sjj

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    Tweaks 1)When a group is created it should appear above the selected object within the objects panel instead of the bottom (why?) As so a popup to name the newly created group. 2)A 'GROUP SELECTED' option in the objects panel. 3)Being able to assign colours to layers would also be a massive help. 4)A complete overhaul of the components manager and intergration, it's overly complicated and doesn't feel intergrated. 5)A cursor popup to input numerical input for x,y,z movement would improve workflow.
  4. Brilliant! Thanks Nige that is a great workflow, really appreciate it. Simon
  5. Hi all, Does anyone have a work flow for getting parts designed in formz out as a flat drawing? I currently lay the parts down flat on the X Y plane and then open thefile in a top view in layout. My issue that there are always errors: It seems that any form of export from Formz has bunch of issues but this is just into Layout? I'm basically having to redraw all the parts in other apps! I'm i missing something? This is pretty run of the mill flat panel work it should be a piece of cake.
  6. sjj

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Justin could i just as the specs of your machine?
  7. sjj

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    I've actually managed to narrow the problem down to some weird interference issue with my 3d connexion devices. I suspect the drivers.
  8. sjj

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    version build 10163 I've got an incredibly choppy/jerky viewport in win10 using GTX 1070? It's making work very difficult anyone else had similiar issues and been able to fix it? If not what is the best way to get back to version 8.5? I have to say i'm finding Form z getting worse with every update rather than better.
  9. Hi All, I've assigned shortcut keys to the buttons on my 3d Connexion space navigator and they work in every package apart from Formz? Anyone else had this issue?
  10. Glad to hear you're working hard on v9 could we have at least some form of timescale? This year? 2019? Will it be VR (joke)
  11. Why does the tool options info panel not show that bounding size of an object, it doesn't make any sense that the bounding size of XYZ are not their?
  12. I haven't been using Form Z for a few months and now i'm back using it, i'm once again finding it's lack of very basic elements as frustrating as i did last time. I understand that the development team is small but then so is Nevercenter Silo's. Is there any info on version 9? Why keep customers so in the dark? Don't get me wrong in general it's a great package, it's just a bit archaic and as i've stated frustrating.
  13. sjj

    Texture mapping

    Hi All, Is it just me or is texture mapping a long winded process in Formz? The fact that you have to select a face, then select the Texture edit tool, then only be allowed to manipulate it in one transform say scale in y when i click I lose the controller then have to do the whole process again to do a rotation etc? Is this how Formz does it or am i missing something or bug issues on the tutorials this doesn't seem to happen? Any help much appreciated FormZ v8.6.2 OSX 10.13.4 Imac 2010
  14. sjj

    Texture mapping

    It appears to be an issue on the OSX version, it works on a PC version. Does no one check this stuff before releasing an update.
  15. sjj

    formZ 9

    A feature that I would find most helpful is topological cycling via shortcut and like that available in Nevercenters Silo it's simple and available. Having it accessible as an overlay within the viewport is very handy and tidy (i find formz a great tool but I've always found the UI functional but untidy ) The tool manager is very helpful on this front but the fact I cannot add the topological selection to it is a bit of a misstep as is a lack of pop ups for numerical input, I find I do an awful lot of unnecessary mouse tracking to get jobs done. A scene states feature would also be a great addition allowing for positional and may be material iterations. I use a 3dconnexion device, mouse and as little keyboard as possible.
  16. Hi, I have a cabinet design that i need to convert into a set of 2d paths for CNC cutting. The process i use is to take all the parts and lay them all flat on the XY plan, export as a .dwg the open in Autocad and use the FLATSHOT command to get a 2d representation. The problem i'm having is that FLATSHOT does not draw facetted elements from Formz only the smooth. The question i have is can i convert a facetted object (e.g a plank with 6 planar sides) into a smooth object? Cheers SJ
  17. You my friend are a superstar! I'd taken to putting tiny fillets on corners.
  18. sjj

    3D Connexion

    I totally agree the 3dconnexion hardware is great but their driver and configuration setup is very frustrating on the PC...yet good on a MAC.
  19. Hi All, I use formz to concept and design Arcade machine cabinets i just wanted to know if anyone out there has a good workflow/pipeline for getting parts out of formz as a 2d format preferably at a 1:1 scale? As it stands I'm saving each part as a separate project and then exporting each part as a .dwg file which i then open in Adobe illustrator but i'm getting strange results. Anyone have any tips?
  20. Yeah there is a considerable amount of work involved in getting a concept/design out of FormZ and into a usable format for something like a CNC system to use which is a real shame. Formz is great for designing something quick but you loose that advantage down the pipeline.
  21. Yup I've used Layout. The issue i have is that our manufacturing company uses a .dwg file to generate their cutting paths. Seems the export as illustrator is the way to go and then work out and apply the correct scaling ratio... fingers crossed.
  22. it does and thank you so much for the information i really appreciate the fast replies. I'll try a few exports later.
  23. Hi, This question ties in with my previous one in regard to imported splines. I'm importing a smooth spline from illustrator, i close the spline to create a surface then use the reshape tool to create an object. The problem is the object is faceted (not set as faceted) in that the interpolation of the curves seems low, so the generated object is angular instead of i nice gentle curve. I'v tried to adjust the faceting scheme but it doesn't seem to have any effect in that i don't see any difference between the low setting and high? I've even added more points to the curves but that's not helped a great amount? I suspect i'm missing something because i am trying to fly through an evaluation of formz.
  24. Man you guys are fast what a great forum! The display resolution did the trick. Does this also effect the export as in a more highly defined mesh? Thanks.