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Justin Montoya

Guides Disappear if not using Guide Snap?

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It looks like Guides can only be used with Guide Snap enabled? 

Is there any way to change this?  It would be great if we could layout some guides for 'sketching' within boundaries, without having Guide Snap enabled, messing with the sketch.


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You can draw your own guides with the guide tool. The manual created guides and the smart guides are only available when the Guide snap is enabled.

If you want to create some references for a drawing you can easily draw them on their own layer, set the layer to be not snap-able and use the line style override to set a dashed pattern for the layer. You can then enable and disable the reference layer by turning the layer visibility on or off.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 5.49.12 PM.png

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Thank you.

While drawing lines on another layer is certainly a workaround, it would be nice if the Guides defined with the Guide tool remained VISIBLE when the Guide Snap is turned off and a user is just drawing around them as reference.

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