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Bo Atkinson

3d connexion won't stop (v8.6)

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8.6 was working well before today, but today, 3d connexion won't stand still (view keeps floating-changing view, non-stop).


Some years ago there was a posted solution like change the formZ folder name... Although this doesn't work today, or was there another simple fix?


OSX 10.12.6 Sierra

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Hi Bo, the same happened to me only last week. It is an old navigator so I opened it up and blasted air into it to remove any possible dirt.

It's been working fine since. You will need glue to replace the rubber base ring. Don't open it if it's still in warranty!

The reason i knew it was the navigator rather than software is, I have another one for my laptop which is very new. That worked fine on the machine which was was moving by itself.





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