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Little black dots in render


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this is happening: any ideas how to fix?


-for illumination and  caustics i have all checked except "Reflected Caustics - indirect" and Refracted caustics - Indirect"


-no denoise (that caused problems in network render before- (BTW, there was some graphics software that I needed to download, but i cannot remember what it was- i have since re-installed the whole system..on Nvidia)


-network render


-mutilight was off


-affects different materials.


-seems to effect area where the sun hits the most, lessens towards edges of render.


It happens when I render, and also happens in Renders I am sending to Rebus farm.






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Another question I'll add to this thread.


My Maxwell output "object" images show many materials as semi-transparent, making their use as selections in Photohsop impossible.  Is there any reason for this? CanI fix it?


thanks (I seem 'needier' than most...apologies)








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Hi Peter,


We're happy to help. If you can, try to create a new thread for each question or issue. This helps to avoid confusion and missed posts.


Re: black dots. I haven't seen this in a long time (I think, since your mirror file). It has to do with one or more materials in your scene having unrealistic values- usually highly reflective and/or supersaturated colors.


Re: Object ID channel. Those objects are transparent, so they are rendering as such. If you need an opaque alpha for the glass, instead put the glass objects (or the glass material) onto a Custom Alpha Channel.

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Hi Pylon,


Ok, I remember adding some material and having the problem just afterwards.


i needed a dull brass material, and somehow ended up with something (i guess I found it o) with Nd's up over 100, perhaps that's it..


regarding the Object Id channel- no those materials are not at all transparent- they are walls!  and in the render (image) output is all ok...they render as opaque.


But perhaps I need to check- I sometimes make mistakes with the opacity in Layers and BSDFs.. perhaps if I don't add up to 100 in 'normal' mode, then i get some slight tranparentcy not visible in renders, but which Object ID channel makes more evident.










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