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denoise and multilite


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I've been trying this but when I open a finished render, make the multiLight changes, save the mxi, open the mxi in Maxwell, the Re-Noise button is always greyed out.

I've tried loads of files.

Any ideas?




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  • For the moment, once Maxwell is closed after rendering an image with Denoiser, the two passes cannot be loaded again into the interface to resume them or make changes and Re-Denoise, nevertheless, if you have at least a couple of mxi files of the same frame (and with the required channels), you can make Maxwell denoise them by running the following commands through command line:
mximerge -folder:"folder containing the mxi files of the same frame" -coopdenoiser:"output path and name of the denoised image" -target:"path of the merged mxi file"


You have to execute this command in the installation folder of Maxwell Render, where you will find mximerge executable file.


Hi Des,

This quote is from the link I provided above.

The easiest thing to do is adjust multilight at the end of a rendering, while Maxwell is still open, then re-denoise.

I have not tried mximerge at the command line myself.

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