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Curved Wall Justification Bug

Justin Montoya

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This has been reported before, but I am now able to consistently reproduce the bug.


Drawing a wall with a Curved Line in a continuous 'closed' shape causes the Justification to be visually reset, despite it's Left or Right setting in the Tool Options.


To reproduce in the most simplistic way:


Draw a wall starting with a nice Curved Line (Arc 5) for the first segment of the wall.  For the second segment, if you simply click back on the starting point of the wall to close the shape, you can see the wall Justification change from Left to Right, despite the Tool Options staying selected Left.  See attached.  This happens with much more complex wall shapes, but I believe this is all related to the same bug in this simple example.  







What is also strange is that if you go ahead and close the shape with the Left justification selected, then go back and change it to Right justification, nothing happens since it is already showing Right mistakenly.



 However, if you now go back and select Left justification, it goes back to what it always should have been:



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