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Layers not exporting and turning on/off


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I am also having issues with the same file not exporting objects on layers that have been turned off.


Or it could be that the Layers are simply not working and that is why they are not showing up, because I also am having problems turning layers on/off.  Some layers will turn on and off.  Some will not.  


I am starting to use this more and more for client presentations, so this functionality is highly important.

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Are these layers composed of smooth objects?  Make sure the File Optimization is set towards the "Opens Fast" setting in the .fmz file.  If the slider is towards the "Smaller Files" setting this will rebuild the smooth objects in the file, which the viewer is incapable of doing. 


Also, make sure the application is up to date.  If you are still having problems, please send us your file. 

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