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Where is the output go from a print() function?   It isn't the System terminal. or system python console.  Or at least not in a most obvious way.

Too, I notice a great number of the print functions are in fact functions.  Resembling python 3.x as opposed to 2.7.





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I am hoping for a calculator built into the input fields.  That way we could type in any formula or even a measurement of different unit, and it would solve it.  I constantly have to convert back and forth from Imperial to Metric and other programs like Rhino, let you type in other unit abbreviations and will automatically convert it to the project units.

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I absolutely agree.  Sometimes just to have the ability to type in simple things like division in edit fields would be a profound improvement.

A python console, however, would yield far more abilities too.  And, if there were a method to copy the results to the active field.... whoa!



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