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I would like to use the polantis website to download models...




See this example



There are a lot of format available (but not .fmz)




In this case I've tried .dwg and .obj

Contents are completely different...

.dwg includes a sheet with a lot of 2d drawings and .obj includes the 3d model (not triangulated (as expected))


My questions :

Is there anybody who known or use this site ?

(if so what could be the better file format ...)


In the case of the .obj the .zip includes the .obj file, a .mlt file and textures (.jpg)

I doesn't know if I can use the information embedded in the .mlt files to place textures (I doesn't know how works an .mlt ..)

Is there anybody here who know more about .mlt and if this files can be use (eventually in a indirect way ) in formz ?


Thank you very much for any help.

Merci beaucoup par avance





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Hi Jean-Luc.

I successfully imported several models from them. However some of models have so many geometry problems so they completely disappear after fixing with Object Doctor attempt. When the other are fine. 

I tried obj and fbx formats. Yet the best result I got with skp with problematic geometry though. 



So if I would be you I`d be careful in using free models from this site.

However you are welcome to use free models from my site www.formz.xyz where all the models either created with FormZ or carefully cleaned up if imported. You might want to find out more at Facebook page. And of course you are welcome to add your models as many FormZ users do.



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What version of formZ are you using?  If you have V8, the fbx and skp bring in the texture maps.  But as Anton mentioned, the each model has some issues with the geometry so you'll need to clean them up.


If you're using V6, try using the 3ds file.  Don't select import texture maps (at least on this model, the texture map names don't match with the maps in the download).  You'll need to use the object doctor again to clean up the model.  But after importing the model, you can see the different materials being used and apply the texture maps yourself.


Bonne Chance!

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Hi Guys

Thanks you very much for your responses..

I use V6 for may pro stuff

( I've the 8 but I doesn't use for pro works (I use both 3D and 2d draft... migration is on view...)


I've very nicely imported the file with collada format (exact scale, texturing ok .. perfect) (3ds do not import texture map (.mtl)

(I suppose the files on this website can be different from one manufacturer and an other...)


When I import a file I always rebuilt it (3d model is used as a 3d underlay... except for very complex models like cars...)

In this case I need the size and a simplified model for the stud (siplast zoom2)



I've discovered you website...


I've logged but I cannot download.. (mozilla ?.. I will try to work around...)

I've some models and I can contribute to your depot...


à suivre...




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