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  1. I can only remember the details for one of them. It involved selecting the background in the renderzone settings. I would change the background, save and close the file, but when imager rendered the file, the background would be wrong (it would show what was selected before making the changes). When I would open up the file that was just saved, it would have the previous background instead of the new background. This happened several times within a short time span. So after having 10.11 for not even a week, I went back to 10.10. I haven't experienced it since.
  2. I'm running 10.10.5. I haven't noticed any major bugs with V6. However, I did experience some issues when I went to 10.11, which is why I decided to go back to 10.10.
  3. The interior of the computer was pretty clean, with minimal dust. I did end up getting a gtx 680 from eBay last week, as well as elevating the tower to a more open space with better airflow (it was between my desk and a wall). This seems to have helped a little bit. I have noticed a considerable difference between the two graphics cards. The gtx is much cooler to the touch than the radeon was. Thanks for the info!
  4. I've always been a fan of refurbished computers and laptops. To me, this looks like a nice machine, especially for the price. The only thing I would double check on this is that you're actually getting what's advertised, since they mention that some parts may change depending on availability. -db
  5. Chris, The computer doesn't shut off, just makes it hot in the office. For instance, this afternoon I've only been using my email app along Word and Excel, but the machine continues to run very warm. It doesn't seem to lag in other areas. I've seen some posts about using apps to control the internal fans to help with the cooling. I'll probably look into those and see if they actually help. I'm extremely warm natured and I'm located in the Southern US where it's very hot and humid during the warmer months, so having a hot running machine just adds to the misery. :-)
  6. d_b

    POLANTIS import

    Jean-Luc, What version of formZ are you using? If you have V8, the fbx and skp bring in the texture maps. But as Anton mentioned, the each model has some issues with the geometry so you'll need to clean them up. If you're using V6, try using the 3ds file. Don't select import texture maps (at least on this model, the texture map names don't match with the maps in the download). You'll need to use the object doctor again to clean up the model. But after importing the model, you can see the different materials being used and apply the texture maps yourself. Bonne Chance!
  7. Chris, I almost went the Hackintosh route, but decided to play it safe for now. I ended up purchasing a 2010 2 x 3.46Ghz 6 core mac pro. So far, it's been ok. I was hoping the rendering speeds would be faster. While it is over 2x faster than my previous iMac, I was hoping for a little more gain, especially considering the GeekBench scores of each computer (~7800 for the iMac and ~30,000 for the Mac Pro). My biggest complaint is how hot the machine runs, even when I'm not doing intensive work. I've been holding off on updating the graphics card because of the heat issue. I didn't realize about Apple marking computers obsolete until I talked to my local computer shop to see what I could do to cool things down and found out that mine was marked as obsolete and they weren't allowed to work on it (since they were an authorized Apple dealer).
  8. Dennis, I ended up purchasing a 2010 Mac Pro Tower about 3 months ago (an actual 2010, not a flashed 2009 or earlier). It's been upgraded with 2 x 3.46Ghz 6-core Intel Xeon processors and uses DDR3 Ram. When I first got the machine, I did several small test renders to see which would be the best set-up (all in V6 - I still don't like V8.5). I didn't notice the slowdown that you mention. In fact, if I limited the processors to 6 instead of 24, my render times increased by more than double. A five minute render with the 24 processors would take over 11 minutes with 6 processors. Maybe this because of the dual processor? I do know that when it's chugging on a render, my little office get's uncomfortably warm. Wish I could do something about that.
  9. David, When you're using Mac Mini's or the old Dell Servers, how much time do you estimate it saves you? Say you have a render that might take 1 hour to complete on your machine. If you use 2 additional Mac Mini's (the quad core i7's), does it do it twice as fast? Or is it time saving because you can still work on your machine while doing the network render?
  10. Thanks for taking care of this Anton! Everything was good and we started production on one of the stands. Thanks! -doyle
  11. Anton, Just wanted to give a quick thanks for helping me out doing the detailing for the product displays. While I was out of town, the client chose one of the styles and I needed to get things started for production and your drawings for exactly what I needed. Thanks again! -doyle
  12. Hey guys, I have 2 small product stands that I need detailed out by end of the day tomorrow. Normally, these don't take a lot time to do, but I'm completely slammed and running on fumes over here. I've attached screenshots of the stands in question, as well as a screenshot of a sample layout. While I do have formZ 8.5, I still work in 6. I'll supply the model file, as well as the drafting template I use. But need someone to do dimensions of each stand and supply the files in PDF format. I'll also need to have a copy of the dimensions file in case I need to alter anything. I need these completed by end of the day tomorrow. I'm only able to offer $150 US total for this ($50/hour for 3 hours). If interested, shoot me an email at doyle@brileydesign.com. thanks! doyle
  13. d_b

    Best way to create a backlit logo

    mjlarson21, If render speed is a an issue, and you don't have Thea, using a transparency map is the way to go. While this is technically a 6.7 file, this is how I still do backlighting for logos. When I first started out of school about 16 years ago, our computers sucked and we had to learn to fake a lot of effects. This is one of the effects I still use today. This is also why I need to check out Thea. One of the many things on my to-do list. -db Backlight.zip
  14. Hi Tech, Here's a V.6 file with all materials purged except the frosted glass. thanks! db V6-Frosted-Glass.fmz.zip
  15. As I'm back to trying to get more comfortable in 8.5, I noticed that one of materials from 6.7 doesn't import into 8.5 correctly. Specifically, it's the frosted setting that's messing up. The small preview in the materials pallet initially shows the material correctly until you select it. So I can't even judge which material has changed until I select it individually. Has anyone noticed any other material settings that change when importing a 6.7 file into 8.5? Or is there a setting that I'm unaware of? The screenshots below are from the same material. thanks, db