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Love the new changes


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Love the new website...Good move renaming Bonzai3d as Form Z jr. Reduces confusion and increases traction for Form Z given that it's the same thing anyway. And Form Z labs is reassuring.....in short, happy customer here. A shame the old forum is being fossilized though, there were a couple of conversations I was monitoring, though I've not been regular on the Forum (was signed in the as Ayodele Arigbabu). Seems like there will be a lot of replicated threads here then.....for starters......how do we get an Octane Render plug-in for Form Z? I know, I know....just had to ask....;o)


I'm hoping the gallery from the old website will be recreated here because I always visited that gallery for inspiration, to excite myself all over again on what Form Z could do.  Right now, I'm curious to see how well FormZ 8 with it's subdivision modelling compares with digital sculpting tools like sculptris, etc for character modelling / modelling organic forms. I suspect it should do quite well at this, it'll be useful to see what competent hands are doing with it so far.

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