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  1. DADA_universe

    form•Z 9 beta

    Form Z 7 user here, feeling rather excluded.......... 😥
  2. DADA_universe

    Chris Yessios Retirement announcement

    By way of a tribute, I'll just like to say Form Z saved my 3d life and is currently helping me find pleasure in my work in recent years. It's a long story, but that's the long and short of it. I've not had the pleasure of meeting any of the brains behind this tool, but if the tool is anything to go by, they must be really great souls, can't but wish you all the best as you venture forth.
  3. DADA_universe

    Random crashes

    Thanks guys, I couldn't figure out the lag I complained about when returning to a Form Z window after visiting another window (for any other software), but Windows 10 has since happened to my computer and Form Z is not complaining so far.
  4. DADA_universe

    formZ 6.5 worked fine, now won't open (Win7)

    Hi Z-tech, I have a similar problem, though I don't use a dongle. The only significant event that I know has happened since I last used Form Z was that I tried to play a game from Epic games which froze the PC. Right now, Form Z does not launch, not from the shortcuts, and not from the .exe file. Any help?
  5. DADA_universe

    Random crashes

    Here are the screenshots Rob, hoping you'll spot something. Thanks.
  6. DADA_universe

    Random crashes

    Phew! Hoping I've not spoken too soon, apparently Form Z Free was not correctly associated with the Nvidia Card, got that sorted and then it loaded okay and the materials palette / material editor tab gave absolutely no problems. So I fired up Form Z 7 and.....wait for it.....yes, it's not giving the problem anymore! I've been able to edit textures, reaplly textures, etc without the old issues. So does that mean there's something in the Form Z8 Free installation pack that irons out something else that had gone awry in my original Form Z 7 installation? Thanks Rob for the suggestions. And Z Tech, if you swing by here, maybe you could help with a clue on what the issue might have been. One other question though, something I had ignored for months since it didn't necessarily stop me from working, but a nuissance nonetheless. When working in Form Z 7, if I navigate from the Form Z window to check something in another window, when I return to Form Z, I would have to give it a few seconds, sometimes up to 30 seconds to wake up (almost like a system booting) before I can do anything. This happens every single time I switch windows. Any idea what to do about it? I'm running Windows 7. Back to winning ways!
  7. DADA_universe

    Random crashes

    Great, now Form Z Free insists on having Open Gl 3.2 or higher, meanwhile my Nvidia card supports Open Gl 4.4 and I've associated it with Form Z. Form Z who oh why are you leaving me in a lurch this way?
  8. DADA_universe

    Random crashes

    I'm using a laptop (Dell XPS i7, 6GB Ram, Nvidia GeForce GT 525M) with Intel HD Graphic Family video card which I just updated to be sure, though the driver date still says 26th March 2011. Once I bring up the materials parameter tab to change any materials settings, either the tab becomes non responsive, i.e. I can see it, but I can't select anything, in fact, the cursor seems to pass through it to select objects behind it in my scene. Either that or trying to assign a material from the materials palette makes Form Z to freeze. It's happeing in new files too. Form Z Free is downloading, will test with that and send back.
  9. DADA_universe

    Random crashes

    I'm having crashes too, very frustrating, been at this for two days now. I'm using the last available build for Form Z 7: Version 7.3.4, Build 8932. I have done all suggested here. I have also re-downloaded the installation file and re-installed. That didnt help. The crash is being triggered when I try to do anything in the Materials Palette. It might allow one or two steps but ultimately either makes the material parameters or the materials palette freeze or makes Form Z freeze until I have to force it to close. Last time I had this much trouble with Form Z was here: http://www.formz.com/forum/old/messages/16/72285.htmland I cant even remember how I fixed that one, but I hope Z tech won't suggest reinstallin Windows or anything like that because I'm not keen on going through that much trouble, I have a number of 3d apps installed working fine and I'm happy with the way Windows runs at the moment.
  10. bumping this, hoping someone will respond.....
  11. DADA_universe

    Parametric windows and doors

    I also really hope this would be on the cards for FormZ labs because it would make a world of difference to my workflow. The ways the door and window options currently work for components is so clunky and outdated, it could do with a serious upgrade.
  12. DADA_universe

    Information About Thea Plugin Voting 31.10.2104

    A lot can happen in 18 hours.....;o)
  13. DADA_universe

    Love the new changes

    Love the new website...Good move renaming Bonzai3d as Form Z jr. Reduces confusion and increases traction for Form Z given that it's the same thing anyway. And Form Z labs is reassuring.....in short, happy customer here. A shame the old forum is being fossilized though, there were a couple of conversations I was monitoring, though I've not been regular on the Forum (was signed in the as Ayodele Arigbabu). Seems like there will be a lot of replicated threads here then.....for starters......how do we get an Octane Render plug-in for Form Z? I know, I know....just had to ask....;o) I'm hoping the gallery from the old website will be recreated here because I always visited that gallery for inspiration, to excite myself all over again on what Form Z could do. Right now, I'm curious to see how well FormZ 8 with it's subdivision modelling compares with digital sculpting tools like sculptris, etc for character modelling / modelling organic forms. I suspect it should do quite well at this, it'll be useful to see what competent hands are doing with it so far.