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Hi guys...


I'm trying to figure out how to activate the "Render Area Rectangle" and have it make some sort of impact on maxwell. So far each time I start the render process, Maxwell renders the whole thing.


I always thought the area render rectangle was only for use within FZ's built in rendering engines... 


What am I missing? Should I bee looking in the FZ8.5 documentation or the Maxwell docs?




I understand this thread is about vray, I just want to point out two new features in Maxwell for formZ ( that may help if you need to make minor tweaks to existing Maxwell renderings:

1. You can re-render just a part of your image by setting up formZ's Render Area Rectangle.

2. You can re-render sections of your image by criteria: just specific materials, collections of objects, or layers. See Extra Sampling and Custom Alpha Channels. This is much faster than re-rendering the entire image. You can also use Extra Sampling to shave render times in general, by focusing render resources largely on areas of the image that really need it.

(Also, I'm sure you know this, but for the sake of completeness: If it's a lighting tweak, enable the multilight feature, which allows you to edit lighting in real time after rendering, allowing multiple image output from a single rendering.)

I understand these suggestions will not help in all situations, but they will in many.


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Hmm, very positive news..... but I get the feeling macs won't be supported?


Hope I'm wrong  :huh:



should be supported: c4d has vray on mac for a long time already and modo is about to get a vray plugin on both platforms, i'm running successfully betas on a mac here.

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