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RPC content revisited


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Greetings all,


Does anyone use RPC content on formZ 8.02?  I have not used this plugin for several years, and I'm unsure how to get it to work.


I have run the archvision dashboard, and copied the RPC samples in the plugins folder of formZ, but no RPC content or tool seem available in formZ.


Does this plugin only run on the 32 bit version of formZ.  I'd appreciate any insights.







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Hi Allan,


RPC should work with 32 and 64 bit versions.


To add the RPC tools after you have enabled the plugins (via the Extensions Manager), you either need to Reset your Workspace, or add them via the Tool Manager.  Unfortunately there is currently an issue in some cases where RenderZone may not render these properly in v8.  Therefore, if you need this capability and encounter this issue, it would be best to backsave your file to v7 and render with RPC there.


Does that help?

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