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Model looks good...


For lighting, consider using 2 softboxes in a key/fill arrangement, or 3 for a key/fill/kick.

Or purchase a photo studio HDRI. Here's one vendor: http://www.hdri-studio.com/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/hdri/orderpage.pl?l=1

You will be stunned how good a "tabletop" model can look in Maxwell with studio lighting.


You can also enable Maxwell Render Options>Scale Model in the plugin. This allows you to get a very shallow (and accurate) depth of field. (Make sure to turn it back off when rendering full scale).



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Hi Ben,


I set 3 emitter in the model but I have maxwell 2 so I can't to set scale scene (I used a lot this feature in 6.7.3.maxwell plug-in to simulate a physical arch model with depth of field).


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