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  1. Hi Tech, I tried to update formZ but a message tell me that there is not updates; I download the 8.6 dmg (I am on Mac) but I prefer the automatic update. Andrea
  2. Andy

    In memory of Paul Helm

    My sincere condolences to all his friends and his family.
  3. Andy

    Where is the UV Editor with UV Unwrap?

    +1 for a formZ UV editor. Andrea
  4. Andy

    One past job I`m not ashamed

    Terrific job Anton! Really great. Andrea
  5. Andy


    Hi Andyb, I render this divertissment with maxwell 3.2; I have not confidence with english language so I don't make a tutorial. Andrea.
  6. Andy

    Maxwell scale model trouble

    Ok, thank you very much Pylon. Andrea
  7. Hi Pylon, I don't try recently but when I scaled model with maxwell plug-in to obtain depth of field maxwell don't scale light as softbox so the illuminate of render changed. In very old maxwell plug-in (before you made maxwell) lights are scaled consequently; now this feature is useless because every change of scale changed also illumination. Andrea
  8. Andy

    License Maxwell 3 trouble

    Hi Pylon, Maxwell works with formZ plug-in Andrea
  9. Andy

    License Maxwell 3 trouble

    Hi Pylon, I tried to reinstall Suite, the plug-in, delete old .lic file, restart computer and formZ; the problem is that licence activator recognizer my 3 licence but indicate at licence number "Uncounted". Some time ago I had install the plug-in and try it with fire but not with maxwell app; Sunday I need a render and when launch the render compare the error message. I request a help ticket to next limit gateway portal but I have not yet a response. Andrea
  10. Hi Pylon, I tried to render with maxwell but a window tell me that maxwell is not activate, (fire and studio works). I tried to activate and activate again but there is a message "licence activate". I have a node locked license and OSX 10.10.5 Andrea
  11. Hi, This is an ElectricImage test made some time ago ; modeled with formZ and rendered with ElectricImage Toolkit (a low cost release): Andrea Test cubo metallo.mov
  12. Ok, thank you very much Support. Andrea
  13. Hi Lab random transform works great but not with components; when I select components and click on script the components are changed but When I'll return to pick tool there is a message that ask if update components. In this dialog there are two options but only one choice works; the choice that works create copy of originally components. (sorry for my poor english) Andrea