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Inside Out Columns


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Created a spiral stair with railings and spindles (columns). Wanted to place the spindles outside the edge of the step (on the side beams) but the stairs dialog wouldn't keep the Out option checked and would always revert to In. Worked around by creating an overhanging tile which was fine.


When the stair was created, the 1x1 box columns were created inside out. I assume I'll be able to fix that once I make the stair into a simple object and separate the volumes, but it would be nice if the spindles were created with normals pointing out.






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Hi Doug,


Yes, thanks for your report, we will get this corrected.  If you have the stair the way you want it, you can Separate it and use the Project Doctor to fix the Normals.  (And if you are not positive that the parameters of the stair are finalized, you may want to keep a copy of the parametric stair on a hidden layer in case you need to make changes easily in the future.)

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