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Object color in wireframe view

Andrew West

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Hi Andrew,


The surfaces in the DWG are indeed non-planar.


If possible, please send only a small portion of that file where the DWG had a problem but the OBJ does not.


Can you import that OBJ file into any other program and get proper textures / colors?

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The Revit file is easily imported into 3ds Max, Autocad and DWG Trueview with all geometry properly formed and separate colors for the different texture maps.  Attached is a wall from the model in DWG and OBJ.  When imported into Form.z the DWG triangulates and the OBJ does not.  When I use strict planarity on the OBJ file it triangulates as well.  However, it does render just fine without testing for planarity. 

So I guess the bigger issue is the tolerance for planarity in Form.z vs other programs.  

Wall test.zip

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Dear Andrew,


Thanks for posting your file.  This confirms that even with the OBJ file, the surfaces are NOT PLANAR.  


If you rotate the surface so it is "on the XY plane" and Pick the Points, you see that they do not all share the same Z value:




And if you Triangulate the surface (as we suggested above) with the Strict Planarity Option, you will get the same results that you have with the DWG file:




So unfortunately, it is not great geometry, and not an import or export issue.



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