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Controller still misbehaving


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Latest Version 8.0.2


Created a box ( somewhere on the XY plane other than 0,0) Click transform... controller is at the centre of the XY face of the box.


Picked one of the sides of the box and derived a face. Controller is now centered on that face. Seems logical.


If I Extrude that face, I get a box and the controller remains centered on the original face which is what I would expect.


But if I use Reshape to Extrude that face into being a box. Controller is now at 0,0,0


This didn't happen in previous versions. It's annoying, especially when you discover it after you've reshaped a lot of faces... :(


Further exploration shows the same happens if you just create a plane in the XY axis and then use Reshape to create a box. Axes of the box shift to 0,0,0 when you do the reshape...





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